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Like a rocket ship in one of the newest computer games, the video gaming industry has launched into outer space. Rarely have we see and industry grow so fast that it has outpaced the predictions of the analysts and experts. With more and more folks taking up computer games, due to the incredible new technologies and consoles like the xBox, there is a lag in quality content and public relations articles to fill up the multitude of magazines, ezines, websites and online community information boards.

One of the largest online article submission sites has addressed this by adding new categories แทงบอลออนไลน์of content for online article authors; a very wise choice indeed. These new categories for gaming make a lot of sense, as it is nearly a 100 Billion Dollar industry. Previously, such online article sites had been lumping all the gaming articles into one category, which did not do it justice. Plus, there are many gaming magazines and websites looking for specific content and there are 100s of very populated gaming communities and 1000s of email newsletters, that all need quality content and articles.

Unfortunately, the online gaming communities, and number of users is far surpassing the number of new online article writers who have submitted articles on video and computer games, so it seems that the flow of content will have a bit of catching up to do. What will the gaming industry sub-sector do in the future? Well, it will certainly continue to grow, how much is anyone’s guess, as it has far surpassed all the previous predictions, so we are now in uncharted territory and boldly going where no human has gone before.