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had disagreeing thoughts with Stephen A Smith, of the popular show First Take, this morning in his references and remarks towards and about Texas Head Football Coach Charlie Strong. Much of this disagreement does have to do with the ethnicity of all parties mentioned. I am a proud fan of Stephen A and see him as an overall great model for young African American males and he continues to open doors in the broadcasting industry. However I feel he lacked some self awareness today as he chose to call in to Mike and Mike this morning to make his statement that it is time for Texas to cut ties with Strong. Besides my overall difference in opinion that Strong should be terminated, my bigger problem is when obstacles are created by those who fight the same fight. And understand there is a fight to be had. Just as Stephen A is a great model so is Charlie Strong. Charlie Strong’s accomplishments have landed him to being the first African American Head Coach of Texas football. Strong is well known for his integrity and his overall relationships with players.

It is not a problem for Stephen A Smith to have his own opinion of the job Strong isufabet วิธีสมัคร doing just because he is African American but consider the following. Stephen A Smith is a great sports analyst with a wide range of information on a variety of news and sport. However none of us are perfect, we all have our weaknesses for whatever reason. Stephen A Smith would be one of the first voices I look for about NBA news. He has a deep and long insight on the league and an advantageous bond with many of the players. For NFL news, once again Stephen A is a man I enjoying listening to break down what he’s seen throughout the season. College football is not his arena. Stephen A is not so knowledgeable of college football. He in his own admission just started paying attention to college football only a few years ago due to his co-host and close friend Skip Bayless who he also takes much of his college football advice from. If we know anything of Skip Bayless it is this. He is a well renowned writer and opinion holder, but if you constantly disagree with his opinions of professional football, what makes you think he’s any different when watching amateur? Basically I feel Stephen A is talking just to be talking.