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Loyal football fans are more likely to be familiar with the term ‘old firm’ but for others the nickname is shrouded in mystery. For those of you who don’t know, old firm refers to two rival Scottish football clubs, both based in Glasgow: Rangers and Celtic.

Traced back to the late nineteenth-century, the term ‘old firm’ is also believed to refer, in part, to the financial benefits that were associated with the team’s frequent meetings. These financial merits are still prevalent today; the old firm are major contributors to Scotland’s economy and generate around triple the amount of revenue gained from the famous international festivals held in the capital city of Edinburgh each year.

Having won sixty-six Scottish Cups between them, the two Glasgow based teams dominate the Scottish football scene. Both clubs have a loyal following of supporters, ranging from the average schoolboy to celebrity figures like U2 front man Bono and Scottish actor Robert Carlyle.

Rangers was established first in 1873 and has since found its home at Ibrox stadium, one of only twelve European football grounds to be awarded five-star status by UEFA. There’s plenty of room for fans and spectators as the stadium holds 51,114 at ground capacity, and with an average home attendance of 49,000 the space is definitely needed.

Celtic Football Club was formed shortly after Rangers in 1888 and only four years later Celtic won the Scottish League Championship.

Celtic park is home to the club, managed by Gordon Strachan, and is one of the largest football stadiums in Europe with room for 60,000 at ground capacity. Celtic’s average home attendance stands 18% higher than Rangers at around 58,000.

Meetings between the two clubs are frequent as they usually compete against each other in the Scottish premier league. The teams have played each other on 369 occasions, drawing 92 of these matchesand seeing Rangers take the lead with 151 wins to Celtic’s 136.

Old firm derby rivalry gives the games an extra sense of competitive spirit and ยูฟ่าเบท the atmosphere of an old firm match is hard to beat. The city of Glasgow itself provides a welcoming environment for football fans from around the world and is a picturesque backdrop against which these two teams battle it out.

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city, with a population of around 580,000 and its position on Scotland’s west coast means it is easily accessible by road, rail and air. Host to the 2014 Commonwealth games Glasgow has lots more to offer and football fans can easily lengthen their stay to take in the sights of this cosmopolitan city.