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Whether it is your country playing or not the FIFA World Cup bug has certainly bitten you as well. People all across the world are holding their breath for this gala event to commence.

Lets us try to guess the winning team of FIFA World Cup 2010

1. Team England enjoys a huge fan following and support. The best players of the world belong from this team and with them being in the best of their forms, England will certainly be a tough competition.

2. The defending champions, Italy will certainly like to take back the cup this time as well. Their defense and forward are world renowned. If the forward players of this country are good at scoring goals, this country can defend their championship this time.

3. Brazil supposedly enjoys the highest amount of fan following from across the world. They have a very good world cup history and have the best of players playing for the team. Brazil is certainly a prospective champion of this world cup.

4. Germany is another very strong contender for this year’s cup. Known for their excellent team work, the German players know the right skills and tactics and that is sure to help them do great in this tournament.

5. Almost equal to Brazil in football glory, Argentina has the right mix of players who are sure to give a fighting chance to all the other nations. They have a high prospect of winning the cup.

6. Their last good performance being in Euro 2008, Spain is expected to make a ufabet มือถือcomeback with World Cup Football 2010.

7. Known for their skills, the players of Portugal play for the best clubs in the world. The gifted footballers of this country are surely going to do a great job keeping in mind their form and passion for this game.

8. Netherlands hasn’t been able to do something excellent in football lately but they are still capable of upsetting few matches and they are expected to do good this year.